TOO BAD! Mother Made Daughters Drink Acid, Strangled Them & Killed Herself


National News and Picture .ng  TOO BAD! Mother Made Daughters Drink Acid, Strangled Them & Killed Herself

A mother poisoned herself and her two young daughters by drinking acid after falling out with her live-in mother and father-in-law, an inquest has heard.

Heena Solanki, 34, was found dead in her bed alongside Jasmine, nine, and Prisha, four, by her widower at their home in Ruislip, west London.

The biochemist had forced her two girls to drink the toxic substance and had strangled them before
taking the poison and strangling herself.

Her husband said.. ‘Prior to her death I believed that Heena was happy and content,’ he said. ‘We lived a nice life with our two children, Jasmine and Prisha…
‘The only thing that I was aware of that made her unhappy was that we lived with my parents. This issue got her down at times but it’s the only issue I can think of.’

There were obviously things she didn’t talk to me about which I didn’t know. I’m aware of that now.’
He added that they had decided to move out but had not yet told his parents. According to Dailymail ,Mrs Solanki’s friend, Branali Chambhare, who said she
had confided in her that ‘her father-in-law was a bit cranky and a bit problematic’.

She added that she had cried about her problems with him on one occasion but did not think she was depressed. Mrs Chambhare said her friend had also clashed with her husband and his parents
about their daughters’ studies as ‘she pressurised her children’.She said Mrs Solanki never spoke of being depressed or harming herself but used to say she wanted to go and live in India with her children.

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