‘Some Chibok Girls Have Been R*ped To Death’

A source involved in efforts to free the abducted Chibok girls yesterday told Sunday Vanguard, in an exclusive interview, that some of the victims, who could not withstand routine defiling by the terrorists, passed on in the early days of their capture.

According to the source, it was unfortunate that many of the girls would never be reunited with their parents and loved ones because they were no more, contrary to the belief that they were being held up in Sambisa Forest.

He said that the insurgents had also taken more boys and girls than was being estimated, saying that most of the captives were seized unannounced by the terrorists.

The source, a negotiator, said that contrary to the claim in some quarters that President Jonathan had not done enough to secure the release of the surviving girls, it was actually Nigerians who were frustrating the release of the girls.

The source accused some Nigerian middlemen, who were using their proximity to some of the insurgents, to trade with government over the release of the girls.

According to the source, many of the negotiators were more interested in making quick gains from government than seeing to the freedom of the children.

“Throughout our effort to free the girls, many of the middlemen were simply playing games for their pecuniary interests. They would come now and tell you that they have some of the girls and, when you fix a date and time for them, they would never show up again,” the negotiator revealed.

“The main problem in the rescue effort is that most of the middlemen involved are not sincere and are just looking for money.

“What is happening to the girls is painful because efforts to get them out have not yielded any positive result five months after they were abducted by their captors.

“As a father, I really feel bad about the children and their parents but we still hope that those who are still alive would eventually be freed, no matter their health conditions and reunited with their parents.”

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