How to Dress for the Job You Want

How to Dress for the Job You Want Dressing for the job you want is very important. While we like to say that a book should never be judged by its cover, the truth is that an applicant totally is. An applicant walks into an office and is judged by her appearance first by the receptionist and then by the interviewer. It’s important to wear the right outfit to a job interview so that you get the job, but also so that when the receptionist and the interviewer look at you, they know exactly who you are.

1. Be Confident Your interviewer is looking for confidence in you to start with. The interviewer will be looking for confidence in the way you carry yourself, confidence in the way you communicate, and confidence in the way you dress. So how can you incorporate confidence into what you wear? Perhaps one of the best ways to display confidence is through one pop of color. Now, generally interviewers expect you to wear neutral clothing, or sometimes all black. By all means follow those guidelines, but add a pop of color somewhere small, like these coral rose earrings from

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2. Look Smart

You might be a pretty girl, but your interviewer wants to see that you’re smart, too. Your resume might express how smart you are and what you’ve done, but give your interviewer a reason to look at that resume. Try wearing a great pair of Ray Bans to look smart and sophisticated, but stylish and updated.

3. Dress the Part

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 Dress the part. That means that the interviewer will be looking at how you dress and will be seeing whether you fit in at this workplace. So, first, do you research to see whether there is a certain way of dressing. If you were interviewing for a boutique or a fashion magazine, for instance, you might be expected to wear clothing like that magazine or boutique represents –something a little more fashion-forward or brighter in color. Otherwise, it’s safe to assume the featured outfit would work for you: stick to black or neutrals, be conservative, and wear tights or panty-hose.
4. Rock that Blazer Perhaps the most important piece for an interview is a blazer.

This piece helps you to look smart, look confident, and look like the perfect responsible adult for any job. But you don’t just “buy a blazer” –you need to buy a blazer that meets your job, and one that fits really well

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