Ebola robot to prevent spread of virus

In an effort to eliminate Ebola,US scientists have created two “germ-killing robots” which have been deployed to the JFK Hospital and ELWA Hospital in Monrovia,Liberia.

The robots, technically known as TRU-D SmartUVC, were used to disinfect health care environments where Ebola patients are being treated.The inventor, a tropical disease expert and medical anthropologist Dr. Jeffery L. Deal said …

“It works by generating ultraviolet light energy that modifies the DNA structure of viral pathogens, like Ebola, so that they cannot reproduce. Viruses that cannot reproduce cannot colonise and harmpatients,”We developed TRU-D SmartUVC technology to combat the devastating effects of hospital acquired infections,”

“Unlike many diseases, Ebola strikes hospital workers more than any other group, making it the ultimate hospital acquired infection.”“As soon as we knew we could aid struggling hospitals in Liberia, our team came together and formulated a plan to get TRU-D on the ground. More than 200 TRU-Ds have been deployed to disinfect hospitals across the U.S. and internationally.
This technology is designed to prevent the spread of the disease transmitted via contaminatedsurfaces in health care environments and is not a treatment or a cure. We

believe that prevention is the best medicine.The U.S. Army tested this particular wavelength against Ebola and found that the measured dose TRU-D delivers results in incredibly rapid destruction of the virus with its pathogen-specific dosing options.. We know it is perfect for use in this critical setting.

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