Female Members sent away from Church for indecent dressing

When will some ladies learn? Recently, worshippers at St Francis Catholic Church got the shock of their lives when some of them were turned away at the gate for indecent dressing.

One of them, dressed in a black sleeveless dress, a tiny yellow belt and heels, Julia, a regular worshipper, in her mid-20s was surprised by the new rule in church that saw her miss the 8.30 mass.

Complaining bitterly about the new rules in her church, Julia said, “Two people, a woman and a man told me that my type of clothes were banned from church and I should change into a proper attire.”

Julia, who wrote on her Facebook page, expressed displeasure at the manner in which she was turned away. She claimed some other ladies wear mini skirts and spaghetti tops in big churches in the city.

“If churches treat people this way, we will shy away from church,” she lamented.

“I am surprised I was not turned away at Likoni Church [that same day]. I think I will start going there,” she told The Nairobian.

The church is however insisting that immorality in the area of dressing is no longer permitted

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  1. Woooow that’s a good one by d mgt of the church, thumbs up for them. It’s high time our ladies learn that a church is a place of sanctuary & sober reflection whr u put aside all morale decadence & worship God in true sense, instead of going to seduce servants of God & young men all in d name of smart dressing.

  2. Woow that was a nice step taken by the church leaders

  3. In my opinion that wasn’t the best. Are churches built for angels? I think it’s because of her likes that the church exists. Next time I suggest the church gets some extra choir robes and give it to whoever enters the church with indecency to cover her nude body part and then she’ll be admonished to change. Driving her away wouldn’t make her a better person than joining a church that doesn’t have salvation as their mission and vision statement.
    God bless us all and make us wise in these end times.

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