Get Airtel 2Months Unlimited Browsing On Any Device With Just N1000 [Read Details]

Just yesterday, i got a Text message ont Android device from Airtel and which quotes;

“Pay N1000 ONLY for 2 months BlackBerry Complete plan valid for 60 days! Dial *440*191# to subscribe today FOR TWO WHOLE MONTHS”.

At first I thought it was a mistake but almost everyone around me using airtel also got the same message.

[Frequently Asked Questions] How Many Gigabytes Does This New Airtel Blackberry Contains?
I’m still going on with my findings because some of the Airtel staffs are not even aware of this new data plans most especially their so called novice female workers.Any attempt to ask them about this will tell you it is a system error. Some are saying it’s 6Gb but I don’t think it’s upto that. I’ll let you know once it Has been known.

Will It Work On All Device?
That I can’t say since it’s a new plan entirely. But the so called blackberry unlimited works on all device. If you don’t like MTN Night plan subscription on your device, you can subscribe for their 1.5gb plan on your iPhone/ iPad, Android and PC because their data charges is now stable But Not Withstanding Common Sense Should Actually Tell That The Data Bundle Cap Must Atleast Be 3Gig Coz The Initial Full Month Subscription Is 1.5Gig Capped.. But I Don’t Know MayBe Some Gigs Might Have Got Added.

>> Dial *440*191# To Subscribe For The Plan For The Token Of Just N1,000

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