Wicked Boyfriend Kills Rich Girlfriend, Escapes With Her Assets In Lagos

This is why some wealthy people don’t like associating with poor people. Someone invite you to come enjoy her money with her and the next thing you do is take her life and run with everything? Nawao!

A businesswoman, identified as Lizzy, has been found dead at her apartment in Odusanya Oduguwa Crescent, Green Estate in the Amuwo Odofin area of Lagos State. 39-year-old Lizzy, an indigene of Anambra
State was murdered in cold blood by her boyfriend who also carted away her money, ATM cards, jewellery and her expensive Range Rover Sport vehicle.

A source said, “She was into networking and owned houses in different parts of Lagos. She was an international businesswoman and travelled round the world.

“She had said she would be travelling to the US this week and had gone to the bank with her boyfriend to withdraw N4m .

“When they both got to her house, the man tied her hands and strangled her. He took the money and went away in the car.”

According to Punch, the incident happened on Saturday morning. It was learnt from a police source that Lizzy, an executive in a networking firm, was strangled by the suspect in his bid to escape with her money.

When Punch visited the victim’s residence on Tuesday, the house was locked up. A security man, who did not identify himself, said the house was shut by the police.

“The police have been here and they locked up the house,” he said.

Punch learnt from a reliable source that the
late Ms Lizzy had four children from a previous marriage which had broken down. He said, “She was initially married and even had four children. We learnt that her husband impregnated their maid and she said she could not live with the shame . She separated from the man.

“Since then, she had had several boyfriends who promised her marriage but only duped her. She even had one of them arrested. The case is still with the police. This last one that killed her, they had been dating for three months. The woman fell into this
because she always opened up to those close to her.”

It was learnt from a police source that the suspect, after the crime, fled to a neighbouring country. He said, “The boy is on the run. He ran to Ghana with the
woman’s Range Rover Sport and money. But he has no hiding place under the law. He will be arrested. You can’t kill a human being without expecting retribution.”

But: Maybe if this woman had stayed in her
husband’s house rather than follow a small boy because her husband got a girl pregnant, she would still be alive. Women, stop competing with your man!

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  1. u started well but landed wrongly why will a man leave his wife and go for their maid why not say that why the blame on the woman plz fear GOD.


  2. I’m a living witness, the story is true, it happened in a networkin company I work in, she’s nice lady to be with, Lizzy Nzewi is her full name, may her peaceful soul rest in peace.

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